Sunday, March 23, 2008

8 Points

What is more annoying??

Being the Beacon-Lighter inbetween Gondor and Rohan. That would be the most annnoooying job ever. Every morning, get up and stare at the beaon.. Ooh today might be the day that we get to light the beacon.. But for the rest of the those 2000 days you don't light it?? lame.

Being Legolas and having mismatched hair to eyebrows.

Having to listen to Pippin sing his lame song to the King.

It's really hard to decide. But if I was forced to make a decision.. I would go with being a beacon lighter, and living with Pippin who happens to break into song, and be neighbours with Legolas and have to look at those eyebrows everyday whilst you wait in vain for the beacon light to be lit, and when its finally lit, you probably die in the war anyway.


Lord of the Rings Return of the King. 8 out of 10. Minus two points for the excessive singing and eyebrows.


Jo Hamilton said...

I feel very strongly about this. Pippin's song is the gayest!!! SOOOOOOO LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I could attach an appropriate photo to demonstrate just how lame I find that part in the movie, coz a picture speaks a thousand words and all that.

And yes, I already have 'said' picture.

To the actor that played Pippin ( I care not to look him up on imdb coz he is too lame): I don't care how much money you received, you should have flatly punched out Peter Jackson when he made you sing that gay-ass shit. You anger me. And so does ya mum!

Rach said...

agreed Jo Hamilton.

It is the most excrusiatingly painful scene I have ever had to watch.

One day Mark and I were at The Powerhouse Museum, and this nerd in a yellow shirt and suspenders walked past and we were like "nice suspenders Nerdburger" then we realised it was Peter Jackson doing some LOTR talk... anyway, we should have flat out strangled him with his lame suspenders and punched him in the face for leaving the Pippin song in the final cut.

Boo You Peter Jackson.

richie said...

I have mismatched hair/eyebrows, although brown hair and white eyebrows and take offence at your chiding of Legolas. Pippin is totally lame though.

Rach said...

im sure your eyebrows are smokin'
legolas as a whole bugs me.. all he did that whole movie was nance around and furrow his brow.

Lame Lame Lame

and i'm no fan of that other hobbit either..

Down with Hobbits, Up with Eyebrows.