Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The RCR Foundation

Hello and welcome to The Rangacunt Removal Foundation (RCRF). We have been in the business for over 20 years working in the field of removing Rangacunt from the lives of people inflicted with this very serious affliction.

Rangacunt is a highly ridiculed and sad disease, where many people have literally been thrown out of a bedroom buck-naked when taking off their underpants because and I quote "noone wants to touch that shit"

Luckily, here at The Rangacunt Removal Foundation, we have devised some very serious measures for the total reversal of Rangacunt, so people can live normal lives in an otherwise mean and prejudiced world.

Step One, in the process of Rangacunt Reversal. Our highly skilled technicians will take you into a safe room and then systematically beat the shit out of you for 18 hours with our specialised Rangacunt Bashers. We will yell at you for those 18 hours telling you that your gingy pubes are gross.

Step Two. You will be taken into the auditorium, strapped into a chair, have your eyeballs lubed up and stare at a screen with normal coloured pubes for 2 days. Hopefully by the end of these procedures, your body will have fixed the abnormality, and your pubes will henceforth grow out in a nice shade of brown or black.

This highly controversial procedure has come under flack by certain organisations in the past, but we stand by our beliefs, and hope to change the lives of those living in the shadows for the better.

One of our most prominent members of the Rangacunt Removal Foundation, and biggest success stories is that of Ms Nicole Kidman.

As you can see, before the Rangacunt Foundation stepped in Ms Kidman was heading down a sorry road of ridicule and sniggering behind her back. Yet after many years of therapy , she is today one of our most shining sucess stories.

Sign up today! and recieve your free Rangacunt Home Basher in the post.


Shazza with ginga frazzas said...

Hi My name is Sharon G.

I claim my hair is 'Strawberry Blonde" but everyone knows I am really a ginger.

I would like to sign up for this amazing new treatment.

I need help!
Sharon, Northern Beaches

Rangacunt has left the blog said...

Well I actually USED to enjoy reading your blog until today, but I have to say you've disappointed me big time.

Rach said...

boo friggedy hoo

surfercam said...

I think you might have finally lost it Rach....

What was that rant all about??!!??

Anonymous said...

I have tinges of Ranga in my beard, I have struggled with this all my life and would love to sign up for RCR.
I have felt like an outcast all my life and finally there is a chance to be "Normal", thank you RCR.

Rach said...

ever been to a stripclub and had mingin ginger pubes all in your face.

it just aint right.

i'm sure there's some rangalovers out there - they should get their own club.

Anonymous said...

finally. rangas are gross. let's form a neighbourhood watch program called 'Rangawatch'

fuck rangas said...

could not agree more

it's sick and wrong.

i once dated a ranga who stole my ghostbusters dvd


Cazzie!!! said...

Do I get free steak knives with that? LOL

Bedazzler said...

After all, red is nature's danger signal.

Friday said...

My strawberry daughters prolly agree with you but i dont.
Then again, i hope neither of my daughters ever put their pubes in your face. ho hum.

Lindsey L said...

would there be a cream for the 'ginger spots' (Freckles) assocciated with Rangacunt?

Sarah said...

Man Rach, firecrotches are cool! You've got it all wrong!

Actually I'm surprised that you had any pubes stuck in your face at a strip club- most strippers in Brisbane are totally BALD down there. Pubes are practically a niche market, I would think...