Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Poo Plater Acceptance Speech....

Wow, thanks, this is really such an honour, I really didnt expect this..
When I was a little kid, I used to watch people driving their cars and think "one day.. I too could be a driver"
When I was 16 I took my L's test, and failed. Then I failed again, and again, and again... Then I decided to actually read the Road User Handbook... and I failed... but then I passed!!!!!!! And 3 years on, and I am now a Licensed driver.

First Time and I Passed!!!!

I was highly surprised, considering the testing man was like "I dont pass people.. I did 10 tests yesterday and I failed 8 of em"
and "i'm not sexist.. but women just cant drive... dont even get me started on asian women".. ok... lucky for me, I was wearing pants and manly sneakers and didnt have any bok choi in my purse, so he probably thought I was a useless woman driver, but at least a cautious useless woman driver.

When he told me I passed I jumped up and down and hugged my driving instructor.. the License guy thought we were a couple and he was like "nice one buddy.." and my instructor said "yeah we aren't a couple", and the license guy gave me his best sexy eyes.

So now I can drive... although I really hope that the urge to put my foot down at traffic lights and mow down pedestrians passes. (1 point for regulars.. 2 points for old ladies and children)


1 comment:

Bedazzler said...

The testing guy sounds like a right racist sexist felcher.
But at least he's not a whiner.
That is all.