Thursday, February 21, 2008

Organic Peanut Butter

What gives with Organic Food?

Organic Peanut Butter is the worst. It's like they stopped following the recipe half way through making it and fucked off to do something better. Peanut Butter under normal circumstances, is a rather dangerous food to eat (dry throat/choking syndrome) but Organic Peanut Butter should come with a warning label.

Like: Don't eat this nasty shit alone or your larynx will close up and you'll probably die alone in your kitchen.

Fucken Hippies.


Slim Sue said...

Agree - 100%!

Peanut butter is the devils food.... I love it but it is too much like hard work.... food shouldnt be that hard to eat!

Jo said...

But... but it MUST be good.
It costs fifteen times what normal, non-manky peanut butter does.

surfercam said...

I agree!
The Pink Mafia is obsessed by "organic" food at the moment and that's all she buys.

Plus how can you have "organic" meat?
Or should I say how can you have non-organic meat? I mean, don't ALL cows walk around in paddocks???!??

Original Mel said...

In London there are only two types of food:-

1) Fried food
2) Organic food

There is no middle ground. I don't get it.

Cazzie!!! said...

Organic = COSTLY. Even at the Queen Vic Market in town, there is a section just for organically grown produce and the cost of everything is like triple that of any other product in the place. Extrortion at its best I reckon.

Bedazzler said...

Peanut butter looks like puppy shit.