Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No Credit. No Excuse

As far as excuses go.... "I have no credit" is up there with the worst.
I have many excuses... "If I didnt see the STOP sign, then it doesn't exist"
But the whole "no credit" excuse for palming your friends off is fucking ass.

No matter where I am, and what financial situation i'm in, I always find the time, money and means to phone my friends.

Especially when there is a 'situation' unfolding, and one person isn't answering their phone, or messages, yet has "no credit and no money" so therefore cant manage to get their shit together to call you.

Ever heard of borrowing a friends phone? your boyfriends phone? scrounging $3 from change in the couch and going to a payphone? scamming the work phone. There are ways.

No Credit people are in the same tier as the Germans who turned a blind eye to the Jews being persecuted. Excuses Excuses.

Well I won't stand for it.

Either send me a courier pigeon, some smoke signals, ESP, or a message in a bottle, or rob a bank for $5, either way. I gots to be hearin from ya'll.

(Otherwise I may have to rethink the Bridal Table Seating Arrangement..... Yes. Shit went down at the Hens Night that is unresolved. I need resolution. I need it bad.)


Slim Sue said...

I fucking love this post.... I thought that I was the only person who thinks that the "I've got no credit" excuse is fucking lame.... I hate that shit!

Bedazzler said...

Bottom line is no-one wants to talk to you.
Because you are whining.
That is all.

brunettestrippedbare said...

Ahhh fuck-a-duck I hate it when people say that. Credit is sold in 4 trillion places around Australia. Got fuel in the car? You should have bought credit. Went to the post office? Again, credit sold there. Almost anywhere there is a shop and a till, ffs, credit is sold there.

Any bitchslapping going on?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting your license!!! finally! lol, i got mine the day before my learners would have expired, back when I was 19.5 yrs old and I felt old to be getting my license, imagine you hah hah. I also passed first time, unlike most of the people around here who bought theirs, but I've driven +/- 20 000km in the 8 years since I got it, which is like peanuts! hope you make more use of yours, trust me the novelty wears off, its nice being driven around.

Original Mel said...

Only thing worse is those fuckers who call then hang up in teh vain hope you'll see there missed call and call them back. I refuse.

Adam said...

What could so important that you need to talk to peeps on the phone? There are no good reasons for that kinda hijinks.