Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's never too late to be right

INT: Bedroom - Nighttime

It's bedtime, and Rachel and Mark have been up for ages playing the 'hum the tv show tune' game... (Mark doesn't get it when I hum the whooollllllle 'Family Ties' tune btw.. how lame can you get!)

"What would you if I sang out of tune".... yeah how good was The Wonder Years.. Pretty great, we are were in agreeance...

Did you know that the Narrator was the guy who was the thief in Home Alone??
No he wasn't
Um, Yes he was.
No he wasn't.. the Narrator was Judge Reinhold.
Are you retarded Ringu-Face?? It was Daniel Stern!!!
Prove it.

So up I get, out of the warm bed, to look up IMDB to prove once and for all, at a really late hour of the night.. that I.WAS.RIGHT.

In your face, Judge Reinhold.... whoever you are....

Note: never play the 'guess the tv show theme humming game' when its really late and an argument could ensue, unless you have swift access to the internet. Ahh the internet... one my true love.


non-Blondie said...

ahahaha me & my boyfriend always have to resort to the internet to resolve our fights.

I usually win.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Wahahaha!!! Hysterical!! As soon as I get internet at home, my friends are going to throw a little party... at the moment we drive them crazy by adding an element to the game: "Phone a Friend!"

surfercam said...

Judge Reinhold was the tall dopey gun-crazy cop in the Beverley Hills Cop movies.

Bedazzler said...

Not even married yet...and already heading for divorce. Ah young love.