Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bridal Rant

ok ok, I said I truly have nothing better to write about. This is what I think about being a Bride.

To be blunt: It fucking sucks.

I went to pick up and try on my dress tonight, granted I have lost about 3kg from nowhere... my married friends tell me this normal - the prewedding anorexia.. I don't understand, but then again i'm not complaining. And the dress doesn't fit. Now this is obviously why they have you try on the dress before the day, but seriously, WHY would you make the top part of my dress a size 14? I don't have that massive jugs. I don't want any baggy shit under my armpits. What the fuck?? Fix that shit up now please.

So now I have to go back agaaaaaain and try it on agaaaaain, and fork out more money for something stupid, could they not have just made it right the first time?? I do believe we had a tape measure out, I think the designers just make it too big so you have to have alterations, that's my bridal conspiracy theory anyway.

Next up.. I don't trust these women. I sat there listening to them harp on to these total butterfaces (as in - she's got a hot body, but her face...) anyway, if you're going to tell these fugs they look like a million dollars - why should I believe you when you tell me I look like a million dollars? One girl literally had her backfat seeping out from from the ribbons at the back.. this did not look good.. she looked like a smoked ham. Did they not see these chicks?? seriously, you should wear a veil down over your face.. for the entire ceremony. God i'm a bitch.. but I'm really hungry and I am so over trying on dresses and running around the whole city doing boring wedding shit.

Imagine how hard life would be, being a celebrity and having to go through all this crap every single awards ceremony.. and even then you cant get it right.

wtf?? Did anyone pull her aside before the left the house and ask if her cornea's fell out when she picked that outfit? or were they all standing around telling her how fantastic she looked??

Trust Noone.


( . )( . ) said...

They do it to make money off alterations, Every bride I know in the past 5 years has had the same problem, they make it big so they can take it in for $$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Hey Roach,

thanks for the linkie-poo, sweeeeeeeeeeeeet, now I can delay my work and read more of your posts :)


The Blonde Blogshell said...

Bloody hell girl! You sound like you're having one heck of a time! Hope it gets better! Good Luck!