Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Bigger Picture

Woke up... fell out of Bed... dragged a comb across my head.. Not exactly, but I did stub my toe pretty bad. Soooo annoyed.. The last thing I want on my wedding day is a goddam stubby scabbed up toe! scabs! so not hot. So I took that goddam powerboard that accosted me from nowhere and threw it into the deepest darkest regions of the kitchen cupboard, never to see the light of day again.

Then I remembered this doco I saw on UKTV a few months ago called "weddings from hell" and in one particular story, a woman was riding on the back of a motorbike(ish) contraption to the church, when her legs got caught in the gears, and she ended up having both legs amputated.. yeahh.. scabby toe.. no legs... I really need to get over myself.

So I am just going to deal with the scab. Maybe I can put some glitter on it or something and 'own it'.

And secondly, what is with people and their inability to say 'sorry' for the greater good. I think Feb 13 (Sorry Day) should really be for everyone, now that we have made the most important sorry of all.

"Sorry you misconstrued what I was saying, Sorry I got so hammered I left without saying goodbye, Sorry I was Maggotron and needed your friends to babysit me all night, Sorry I went Psycho on the phone because I am unable to see the Big Picture, and would rather focus on a tiny speck in the canvas of issues."

Is it that hard to say Sorry? I say Sorry all the time. Tis a shame that the next Sorry Day won't be for a whole year and you will now inadvertently, due to your own stubbornness, miss out on my most important day of all. Aids.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love those ideas for people saying sorry!!! I think I will take this up I think people will be much more responsive to things like sorry I let my horror self get the better of me last night then sorry I was so drunk.

Bedazzler said...

"..Maybe I can put some glitter on it or something and 'own it'.

Amen sister. Keep watching ANTM.