Friday, February 08, 2008

Beatles?? War??

Ok - I have seen some pretty stupid news stories in my time, but today's space aliens story takes the cake. (mmm cake)

Astronauts are blasting some Beatles music into space towards the North Star (specifically "Across the Universe") and nerd-burger earthbound scientists are saying we should stop because aliens might interpret it as a battle-cry and blow earth up.


The Beatles??

I would agree with them if we were hastily pumping some Rammstein or some hideous Nickelback (cos they make me want to blow up the world too) but The Beatles? if anything we would make some new friends with the Aliens of the North Star.

Stupid Scientists.

Should I be on high alert just incase, make my phone calls now to all my loved ones? leave my extensive CD collection behind to the surviving race of super-zombies??

Aliens are cool, it'd be a lot cheaper to be anal probed than it would to get a colonic, so I welcome the attack. Just stay away from my eyeballs with your lasers and giant injecting needles. I like my eyes the way they are.


Cazzie!!! said...

Lmao, I have been reading our Sunday Herald Sun today and I didn't see anyof this story in there..sheesh, we miss all the good..or is that lame, stories here :(

surfercam said...

The Beatles rock!
I fucking HATE Nickelback - their shit is the main reason I don't listen to commercial radio anymore.

kiki said...

i don't see why there is any point in 'blasting' any music into space...

surely, those billions of dollars could be put to much better use