Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wow. Sadness

I was in year 8 when River Phoenix died and a girl in my class brought a framed photo of River to school and walked around with it, when quizzed about her favourite film, she didn't have an answer, she had apparently never seen one of his films, being on the sadness bandwagon was enough for her. Call me crazy, but this irks me to no end.

But I am sad about Heath Ledger.

Just the other day, I was walking down Oxford St with Mark and we were commenting how cool Heath Ledger is and what an awesome dresser he is and that his daughter is the cutest. (Superficial, but like I said, I didnt know him, this is all I have to go on)

And 4 days later to find out that he died. Wow. Sadness. He was such a great actor. a fucking fantastic actor to be exact. I know everyone cried in Brokeback Mountain, but i bawled my eyes out and couldnt leave the cinema till the credits had ended. He was great.

Anyway, i'm not gonna harp on it about. Everyone is sad. What a huge loss. A fucking tragedy to be honest.

You were awesome!! Can't wait to see you in The Dark Knight.


Mick said...

It totally fucking sucks.

On one hand I think, what a selfish prick to do that to himself when he has a beautiful little girl and 'dream' life.

On the other hand I just think. Fucking Hollywood and fucking celebrity. Another young talent destroyed.

Very sad and shit.

Anonymous said...

Very, very sad.

I was shocked when I heard. Still can't really believe it.

I'll never forget that gorgeous smile.