Sunday, January 27, 2008

Trannie Make-up

Is it a universal thing? or just me - that whenever you go to a "make-up artist" you end up looking like a blind person has drawn all over you, and made you look like the worlds tranniest transvestite.

Is it just me? Because I have NEVER walked away from a make-up artist without washing it off and doing it again myself.

Erghhh... Where are these girls training at?? I had an appointment booked today for some trial hair and make-up for the wedding, and yeah - if the make-up girl thinks for a second that I would wear what she put on me on the day she must be insane.

Blue eyeshadow? wtf?? is it 1984. REMOVE
Last time I checked "smokey eyes" don't have black eyeshadow going up to your eyebrows.. I want to look sexy - not like I escaped a housefire and rubbed charcoal all over my face.

Fucking Amateurs.

Luckily I had my trusty "smoky eyes" cutout that I take with me once the makeup artist has proven that she doesn't have a fucking clue, even so, I still had to come home and remove what she had done and do it all myself.

Ho Hum. I bet Reece Witherspoon doesn't have to put up with this shit.


brunette said...

i know where you're coming from on this one... even the makeup half the 'bridal' makeup artists put on their websites looks a shocker, barry crocker!

I got married early last year and finally found one who seemed to be able to do non-trannie makeup.. only for her to tell me 3mths before the 'big day' that she was moving to queensland and couldn't do my makeup anymore!! I was shitting myself big time, but luckily found another who specialised in 'non-trannie' makeup. I do look at 85% percent of people's wedding photos though and shake my head at the makeup.. hair, dress, shoes - check, check, check all stunning. Face? Nice lippy, Larry the Clown!

Alice said...

napoleon always does awesome make up! I have only ever had one bad experience with them with some new girl... and they have cool bridal packages at the paddington store.

Another good one is "gorgeous cosmetics" which is also in paddington i think!