Saturday, January 12, 2008

NEWS in Brief

well well well , apparently Christina Aguillera and Nicole Ritchie have had their babies, the question is WHY aren't any news sources running these stories?? Do I care about politics? the environment? interest rate rises?? No. I care about celebrity wombs. Why is there not a website when you need one??

Caught the train to Newcastle today, the trip made slightly more bareable when I was able to fantasise about running into Daniel Johns and dazzling him with my wits... oops, I meant tits. Alas, this did not happen, and wow, was the trip back a punish or what! There is a huge diff between the Inner-City Train Lines and the Regional Train Lines.. that being the pitch that people yack their stupid heads off. When I am in travelling in the city during the week, there is an unspoken "talk in hushed tones" code amongst us. I dont think people from the Central Coast have heard of this code. Shut Up Bogans, the sounds of Metallica bursting my eardrums throught my headphones is hardly enough to keep you out of my throbbing head.

Have been working in Bondi Beach all week. That is one Doggy Poop covered suburb. Do people in Bondi love dodging dogshit as a sport or something? I walked through a curtain of flies one afternoon. Awesome. Listen peeps, Dogpoo comes out, Human cleans up after it, They are our masters and we are their pets. Sad But True.

I am so white. I mean white. I never before realised how practically see-thru my skin is before standing at the busstop every afternoon with people who are tanned beyond the natural pigment of tanning for their skin. Mauve is not a natural skin colour.

Also, had really bad sinus problems this week, steamed my face and got a nosebleed. Think I might have a tumor ("It's not a Tumor" - Arnold Shwarnzegger Voice.. seriously, is that the greatest line he ever said in a film?? I think so)



Michelle said...

As much as I love dogs (I LITERALLY cry at pictures of Puppies, and I'm not even pregnant or pre-menstrual) I am so not about picking up dog shit. Thus, I am puppy-less.


Adam said...

I completely agree. (On the last comment, I have little to no opinion on the others.)

Kind regards,