Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My First Wedding Freakout

Well, everything is going swimmingly, no stresses, people often asking me "so hows the wedding planning going?" and i'm like "too easy, I dont know what all the fuss is about"... I have mocked bridezillas, and stressheads and thought that mental brides were just highly strung losers.

But alas - I am apparently now a highly strung loser bridezilla with only one thing on my mind.


I had all this booked months ago, and assumed everything would be fine, thank god for the trial because my god! the worst. They were fired and I now find myself exactly one month away from my weddind day and I have NOTHING BOOKED


I have not slept or eaten or done any work today. All I am doing is stalking and searching for hair and makeup artists.

I'm gonna come out and say that its pretty much the most important thing. I want to look like a fucking hot supermodel on my wedding day. Hair and Make-Up is essential. I want to look like Arwen from the Lord of the Rings (minus the elf-ears).. Is that too much to ask? How hard is that?? apparently too hard according to the idiots who attacked my face and hair on Sunday.

What if everyone is booked? I will literally have to try the 'just rolled out of bed' look, or Heroin Chic, finding the heroin at this stage seems a lot more likely than finding a hair and makeup stylist.

Maybe the place making my dress can get some extra material and make me a nice silk sack to wear over my head so I dont have to worry about any of this.


The Blonde Blogshell said...

My best friend is getting married in March and so I (as one of the bridesmaids) TOTALLY understand the stress! Hellooo? It is THE most important thing...Claudia Schiffer and the other supermodels need to be asking YOU for tips once make-up and hair are done! LOL

Good luck!! Why don't you approach one of the hairdressers to give you a packaged quote?

Sarah said...

Don't freak out too much... I planned on having my makeup done, until I did a trial and realised I could do a better job myself, and choose the makeup brand. So I did!

And on the day my hair looked nice, but it's so damn heavy that it 'fell' out of its nice (albeit reasonably messy and natural) style within an hour or so... If I'd been told that would happen I might have freaked out, but honestly it doesn't matter so long as you're having a blast.

And one more thing... all the hairdressers and makeup artists seem to say they'll be booked out months in advance, but in Brisbane that didn't seem to be the case at all- my theory is that they use it as a ploy to get people to plonk down their $100 deposit a lot quicker than they otherwise might... I'm sure you'll be fine, and look fine too :)

Leis said...

for Fay's wedding we had a lady come to the house to do hair and make up- she did a great job!
It wasn't cheap, but So worth it!
if you want her info, please let me know...
or, Douggie's wife Kate is a hair and make-up artist.. she's worked at the MTV awards and stuff, I can get her info too if you need it

byron said...

...or a burqa.

But seriously, tell them it's NOT for a wedding. Tell them it's for a magazine photo shoot or somesuch. It'll be cheaper, and all of a sudden you'll find they're not 'fully booked'.

( . )( . ) said...

I can see why you would be freaking out. Same thing happened to a girl I know is getting married, well similar, she is 1 week out from her wedding, and her make up artist has rung to cancel as she is going overseas. Hence leaving the bride 1 week to find replacement. Total bullshit.

I hope you find someone fabulous to do your wedding, I know some fabulous ones here in Perth, but alas, your not in Perth!! I am crossing everything for you xxx

Adam said...

You can go to www.Ozmodel.com.au and click on Forums, Work & Services and put an ad in for a makeup artist.

Also, you could try going to www.modelmayhem.com and doing a search for makeup artists in Sydney. I'm sure there will be one available.

Sez said...

Like Blond Blogshell, I am also a BM but in Feb. My bride has found someone good who is only just back from overseas so could very well be free.

Let me know if you want the details.

Also, the vogue.com.au forum has a few threads about whose good and who sucks that could be useful.