Thursday, January 31, 2008

Humans are Awesome

Ever wondered if Earth is really just a giant set for a reality show and we are all stupid pawns? We certainly are very entertaining. Reality television is pretty much just eavesdropping through a tv screen, if you take the time to eavesdrop on everyday conversations, its like living in an episode of The Real World or The Hills.

Awesome Eavesdropping Moment: The Domestic Argument

Walking home the other night I could hear the sounds of an argument emanating from the building ahead, usually I turn a blind eye to domestic arguments, but this one was fantastic.

Screaming Man: You're a f*cking selfish bitch is what you are!!
Muffled Woman: F*ck you.. mumble mumble
Screaming Man: You're always using my coathangers! They cost $2!!! Go out and buy your own coathangers you stupid selfish bitch
Muffled Woman: ~~mumbles something~~
Screaming Man: Just f*ck off and don't F*cking touch my coathangers again you bitch.

Hahha... granted, when you've been dating someone for awhile you do end up having totally ridiculous arguments, (like the way one person pronounces: Prosciutto) but this coathanger argument had me in tears. Especially seen as how it was the man who who losing his nut over it, do men even use coathangers? mostly they leave their things on the floor in a big pile of washed and unwashed free-for-all. Maybe this one had a Joan Crawford complex or something???

Keep it up! I'm sure the aliens are having an excellent laugh at our expense.


Moi said...

I once lived next door to a domestically violent couple. My favourite fight was the one in which the woman with the banshee voice screeched "Jamie stole the steak right out of the frying pan!"

Another time, I leant out of my window and asked them to shut up or I would call the police. She shrieked back "Is that her Jamie, is that the slut you've been getting around with?!"

Good times.... ;)

surfercam said...

Rach - awesome. I particularly get annoyed with coat-hangers - mainly when you are trying to get one of the rack and half a dozen come crashing down... but don't get me started...

Moi - that is funny. So, were you the slut getting around with him???

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Wahahahaha!! I am almost 99% convinced we are on some reality Tv show for aliens amusement. Sheehs if we watch "ourselves" ...imagine!!

I have had a full blown over the milk and toilet paper being finished... it's ridiculous, but boy when you're in the moment I AM RIGHT and ONLY I AM RIGHT!!!

Jo said...

Pronunciation of food is totally worth arguing about.

Coathangers, of course, are not.

Friday said...

Fucking brilliant.
Laughing much.

kiki said...

i'm on tv!!