Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dick in the Face

I had been trying my hardest to put together a suitable Hens Night invite, and alas, I could not find any pictures of suitable penis' to attach to my work of art. Where is all the cock?? I google searched "penis" "erect penis" and these were the useless pics it came up with:

Crappy Penis Art

Disgusting Echidna Penis. WTF! Who on earth wants to look at an Echidna Penis? And what the hell is wrong with that thing! No wonder they are an endangered species.. If I was a lady-echnidna and some echidna-dude tried to put that thing near me I'd run a mile *with my tiny nonexistant legs*. Hell No We Won't Blow.

What is up with Google?? Is it being run by some weird beastiality clan? The fruition of my searches were nothing but animal penis's and Axl Whitehead... (what a career achievement for him!!)

AHA! then I realised that my stupid google account was filtering out all the good stuff. turned the filter off and HELLOOOOOOO DOODLE

Big Doodle, Small Doodle, Infected Doodle, and My Favourite:

Softly Lit Porn Doodle... yesssssssssssssssssss (pumps fist in air)


Jo said...

Starting a new search engine.
Calling it Doodle.

unique_stephen said...

ewww, other mens penises, ewww. The first one has too much scrotum, the last has too little. The other is just freekin wierd

Leis said...


i love having no content filter at work!

mmm, cock!

Moi said...

I semi-regularly drop by your blog and have a little chuckle, however today was quite something else.

Could you please let me know your address so I can send you the bill for a new keyboard? I ruined mine when I laughed so hard at the doodles that I spat coffee all over my desk. No, literally.

Effing love it!

mishmosh said...

Seriously Rach, you are the BEST blogger out. How can someone be so consistent (laughs EVERY post) and yet unpredictable (really wasn't expecting COCKS today... or any other day for that matter) at the same time?

Rach said...

thanks man

who doesnt love an echidna cock?

Cazzie!!! said...

I am so glad I never opened this one up at work last night, I fear I would have created a Code Grey Alert and all security would break loose, LMAO

( . )( . ) said...

Oooh no see I LOVE the minimal ball bags. Guys with big sweaty saggy balls are gross. The soft porn cock is a little too hairy though, trim that shit back!

Steph said...

ohmyfuckingGod woman! I'm at work and was just assailed by COCKS! lmao. Thanks for that. Really woke me up.

Forever anonymous lurker said...

And your favourite (Softly Lit Porn Doodle) would be classed as 'Big doodle' or 'Small doodle'?

Just wondering ;-).....