Thursday, December 06, 2007

Recount Please

I'm not really down with maths, pythagoras' theorem (?) can go jump.. sin cos tan.. evs.. however.. counting is fine.. I like counting.. must hark back to the days of Sesame Street and The Count (pimp anyone?) .. Counting backwards is especially fulfilling.

Which is why you cant keep me away from a good ol music countdown.

They have been counting down the 500 greatest songs of all time on VH1. Big Call. I watched with heavy anticipation awaiting the Top 10, lest.... Number One.

This was one music countdown that I felt actually gave justice to music, as a lot of recent countdowns seem like the voting public cant remembe more than 6 months ago. Gwen Stefani isn't that great. Her songs shouldn't be included in the mix of 'greatest songs of.all.time'.

Weeks go past, and its finally the weekend of the top 10 countdown.
Prince. Nice
Led Zepp. Good Call
Michael J. Agreed
John Lennon. Hot
Eurythmics. Noice
INXS. ehhhh
The Rolling Stones. Is there anyone else?

Oooh number one what will be number one.. I could barely stand it.

.................................. some shitty song I never hear on the radio or anywhere else for that matter "Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen" what the holy fcuk!!!

Ummm what gives?? THIS is the Number One song of All Time! Are they mental. Yeah Bruce is good-ish.. but I would hardly rate this song as the greatest song of All Time

To me, the greatest song of all time would be one that surpases its generation and is still relevant, influences contemporary artists, its beat/riffs are stolen and looped into mainstream music... and I don't think that 'Born to Run' has done this.

Thriller (MJ) ? Twist & Shout (The Beatles) ?? Johnny Cash?? Elvis - the Pioneer of Rock & Roll??

RIPPED OFF!!! They could have at least made 'Dancing in the Dark' Number one, at least that had Courtney Cox in the filmclip. Lame. Boo You VH!. Boo You. I want my Saturdays back.


Lad Litter said...

Good post, Rach. Jumping Jack Flash by the Rolling Stones is Number 1 for mine. Make sme go all tingly. (the studio version) But the Springsteen song is iconic, even though I don't rate it that highly myself. Was this with videos on VH1? Pardon my ignorance.

Rach said...

complete with Videos, some were live versions cos they didnt have proper film clips. If it was a countdown of 'greatest film clips of all time' then Thriller would be number one... Bruce though? wtf?