Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Hate Drycleaners

"The One Where I Go To The Stinkin Drycleaners"

I rock up with my top, its small, its black, there are suspect stains on it, I want to wear it again soon.

Me: How much to clean this top?
Them: (pondering over the ornate special un-removable brooch thing) does this come off?
Me: No

Them: signals to some atypical drycleaner who comes over and starts pawing at my top.. Does this come off?
Me: ............Noooooooooo, is that a problem?
Them: This will have to be special dry clean

Me: Isn't dryclean special enough? compared to like a bucket or something?
Them: this cost more

erghhhhhhhhhh I fucking hate drycleaners. I hate buying a top and realising that its fucking dryclean only. I hate high-maintenance clothing. It's like hookin up with a really hot guy then realising he has an overbearing mother, chronic tinea and hallitosis. The Worst.

I reckon over a period of time, I would spend more money on cleaning the stupid thing, than it actually cost to buy it. Where is the logic in that?

What I wouldn't give to live in the jungle and wear a banana leaf all day. If they can hook my tree-house up with Foxtel, I'm sold.


( . )( . ) said...

I refuse to dryclean anything. Id rather throw it away then be bothered with the hassle. That is soooooo lazy I know. I dont think I have ever even been inside a drycleaners come to think of it!

Friday said...

Hey Rach,
Dont stress precious heart.
Just so you know... (i know cos im a mum)... NOTHING is dry clean only! Its a wanky thing they do just so if it falls apart the cleaner is liable and so are you, not the place that manufactures the garment. I shit you not! Its true. Put yr top in yr washing machine on the wool cycle. You'll be right. Oh feck it, send it to me and i'll do it for you.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I'm new to blogging and stumbled across your blog! It's bloody brilliant!!

Bloody typical of THEM :-)

Sarah said...

Suspect stains, eh?

Original Mel said...

Have you been "servicing" Mr Clinton again??

kiki said...

is you racist?

Rach said...

no. that's exactly what my asian drycleaner said to me. can i help it if the world exists in stereotypes?

Sez said...

They SAY "dryclean only" but after instances the same as yours, I now handwash my silk top/cami with a tiny bit of detergent and drip dry.

Does the trick AND the wine stain that didn't come out with drycleaning ? It came out!

Thank you and goodnight!