Sunday, December 09, 2007


Brushing your teeth whilst your partner sits on the toilet next to you doing a wee, discussing who has and has not RSVP'd to the wedding.

Staying awake till 3am "reading the book first" then switching on the Foxtel Box only to realise that the film you wanted to watch isn't on anymore

When your neighbour gets up at 8am and starts scrubbing the staircase outside your window. At first you can't quite pick what the sound is, then you will figure it out and have to hide all the knives, lest you run outside and stab Scrubby McScrubberson in the head.

When the cat is coughing up a hairball on the 'good rug' so you pick him up and have to decide between letting him puke on the rug, or shove him in the bathroom with someone who is incidentally doing a turd in there. It's hard to say who was more disgusted. The Cat, Or the Pooper who had to watch a cat throw up whilst they did their business.

Having an argument in the car wheather "Echo Beach" is the greatest song ever, then getting home, downloading it, and proceeding to do interpretive dance in the loungeroom, to get the other person to admit, that it is indeed, the greatest song ever written.

Spending all day looking for a simple black cardigan with mid-length sleeves, only to find each one is about $150. And going home empty-handed and cold.

Arguing about who moved the TV. I didn't move it, and you tell me that you didn't move it, one of us is lying, so it must be you. Hence I will not speak to you the rest of the night until you admit you did move the TV. I don't care if you had a nightmare. I am not talking to you.


DelightfulJen said...

You are right about Echo Beach.

Try Jacqui E for the cardigan, I was looking for the exact same thing last week and had the same problem until I went into Jacqui E. They have plain black (as well as lots of other colors) all with elbow length sleeves for $39.95. It was exactly what I was looking for, so maybe it's worth having a look at?

unique_stephen said...

I would have thought Love is when they pee on your feet in the shower.

( . )( . ) said...

Hahaha, hilarious!! I love the one about your cat. Im with you on the neighbour thing, any load noises before 10am on a weekend is not permitted, lest knives be thrown!

redcap said...

I don't need to see anyone on the dunny and I sure as hell don't want anyone to see me when I'm on it. I think that's because of that nightmare I keep having where I'm busting, find a toilet that's in a very large room and sit on down, only to have 30 people walk in through another door and start having a cocktail party. How do I get off the loo without everyone noticing? Nightmare conundrum.

PS I like Echo Beach too.