Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sand... Natures Practical Joke

Sand. How I loathe thee.. let me count the ways.

I hate how eating around sand is always ruined by an escapee running from the dune and into my lunch. CRUNCH!!!!!!!! Disgusting
I loathe the way you fill up my bikini pouch making me look like a rival of Ron Jeremy
I detest how you hitchkike home and end up in my bed, wrecking havoc on my dreams and invading my personal space.
I am not happy about how you get stuck in my ear and make sounds when i'm cleaning it out
I hate being stuck in a sandstorm and being bitchslapped by a million squillion little sand molecules all at the one time
Finally I hate sand, because it makes a squeaky sound when I walk on it with thongs on, and that sends shivers up my spiiii yiii yiiii yiii yiii yiii yiiiiii yiiiine.

*I'm on a lot of painkillers right now


DelightfulJen said...

I hate how you can never, ever get it out of your car. No matter how many times you vacuum it there always seems to be that bit never, ever leaves.

Anonymous said...

I hate the fact that it actually seems to multiply when it comes home with you. It spreads through your whole house and enters every little spot that you love and ruins it by just being there.

Maybe we could start a support group.

surfercam said...

And what about when sand invades during sex?
Gives a new meaning to "ribbed for her pleasure"...