Thursday, November 01, 2007


Should I pay someone $60 to trim my fringe, when I could theoretically hack into myself.. there is a 50/50 chance that myself or a trained professional will fuck it up either way.

Should I be concerned that I havent taken any mail out of the mailbox since I found a Huntsman Spider living in there?? What if for once someone is trying to send me some interesting mail.. now I will never know.

Should I tell people the Bentley I booked for the wedding is the same one that Nicole Kidman used at hers?? or will that make me sound like a try-hard wanker?

What is with the mask that Michael Myers wears in 'Halloween' it goes all the way around his head, yet the eyes are cut out.. how does this work??

How hard will it be to stop living on Peru Time when I have to start my new kickass job in the new year?? Very Hard, I am guessing. Getting up at 7.00am seems like a crime against nature.

Should I buy a very expensive hot designer wedding dress cos it makes me look like a supermodel? or go looking at the puffball dresses just in case?

Whats with all the Christmas Beetles? Do they really just come out at Christmas?

Is it wrong to want to kidnap Chris Lilley and force him to write more 'Summer Heights High'.. Wednesdays just aren't the same without it.

Should I wear a bra when I'm lazing around the house? Noone tells you that one of the phsyical side-effects of being lazy on sabbatical is droopy boob syndrome.

What should I do for the next 2 months before I start my new kickass job? I think i'll stop shaving my legs, as a hairy legacy to the end of my sabbatical.


Jo said...


Moi said...

Meh, cut it yourself. My hairdresser made me promise not to trim my fringe, but I swear, I do a better job of it, and don't charge myself $12 for the privilege.

And as Sharon Stone once said, "Sometimes I'll just cut my own hair before I go out". (true story!)

Adam said...

The answer to all of them is No.

Pari said...

1. No! Cut your hair yourself! More $ to spend on drink.
2. Mail will disolve eventually, spiders are forever.
3. ..uh, I think you already did
4. Magic 8 Ball says "time is not right for you to know"
5. it is indeed very hard.
6. Spend every last cent you have to look like a supermodel, you will too soon be old, fat and married.
7. C'mon, kwityerbellyakin, there are only 2 Beetles left: Ringo and the cute one.
8. Wednesday's will suck even more once you are married. I say Go ahead, commit the felony.
9. Never go without a bra... and a girdle - even in the shower.
10. What you shall do is kill off you final 60 days of freedom by blogging even more and reading other blogs, except the ones about sex, ya may as well get used to it.

You asked.

Sarah said...

Is it wrong to want to kidnap Chris Lilley and force him to write more 'Summer Heights High'.. Wednesdays just aren't the same without it.

Please do!

And I wouldn't tell anyone about the Nicole Kidman car thing... tell everyone it's brand new or that Daniel Johns' babies were conceived in there... having DJ's sloppy seconds beats having Nicole's...