Friday, November 16, 2007

Missing: Poos

Or perhaps just the ability to Poop.
Brown, normal size, odour.
Missing Poop Badly.
Please Call.

Where oh where has my poop gone??

The stupid Codeine has plugged up my bumhole something chronic. One week and 2 poos the whole time! yes yes I am obsessed with bodily functions. I am disgusting.

What Gives? I wonder what sort of pooing problem Ozzy Osbourne has considering he would be on the good prescription painkillers, wheres mine are just your everyday supermarket variety. No wonder he shakes so much, he is probably hasn't pooped since the 80's.

It's been 3 days.. What if my intestines explode?


Anonymous said...

you said poop

Daniel said...

ok gross!

non-Blondie said...

okay dont stress. have some senna laxative tea. get a stomach massage - guaranteed to help. allegedly psyllium husk works. prunes? my grandparents are heavily into prunes. drink lots of water. take advice from someone off the interweb!
haha @ ozzy.

Kylie said...

This is the perfect time to eat heaps of KFC. That filth will go through you so quickly you may need to wear a nappy just in case.

Get better sweetie.

Michelle said...

I just got back from New Zealand, a 12 day trip where i only managed to squeeze out two tiny nugget poos the whole time I was away. I don't think I'd poo'd for a couple of days before we'd left either.
I am a sporadic poo'er as it is, but this was a record for me. I look sooooo bloated in so many of my pictures.
Since returning, I have poo'd everyday, sometimes twice a day. HEAPS OF POO for me! It feels goood...
I find getting rotten drunk helps, it will bring on the AGB - After Grog Bog.


redcap said...

Codeine does that. My doctor gave it to me when nothing else, er, stopped the rot with a nasty does of food poisoning. Try bok choi.

surfercam said...

I think you need a jalapeƱo & Tabasco milkshake, with a few eye-drop chasers.
That'll fix it.

Kelly said...

that is exactly why he walks like that.

good luck pooooopin