Thursday, November 01, 2007

Gay Newsflash

I have a bit of a Newcastle background, this is where my parents are from, and their friends and so on.. so today I learnt on the "newcastle grapevine" that Natalie Imbruglia is pregnant with Daniels Johns' babies.. not only that.. she is having twins.
Wow. That's pretty impressive for a gay man.
Wonder if its true?
I wonder if what actually happened was Daniel was playing Naked Hide and Seek with Raging Boners with Paul Mac, and accidentally fell into Natalie whilst she was sleeping?


Moi said...

How do we even know it's his? Maybe it's Paul Mac's?


EmmaK said...

Maybe they used a turkey baster and she paid him for the use of his genetic material?

Steph said...

Agreed. He's another one so far in the closet he's frolicking in Narnia with Alan Jones and Bert Newton.