Thursday, November 29, 2007

Funny. Not Funny

I don't care what anyone says, I find Seinfeld funny, I love "didja ever notice" stuff. Upon watching his interview with Denton on enough rope, I found out that both Seinfeld and myself share something in common.

We search for something funny in the everyday, the mediocrity, the mundane, the landscape. However - most things aren't funny, and it is a testament to a person when they sift through the motions of life to find something humorous to share with someone else.

What is not funny? I learnt a lot about myself. Whilst sitting on a looooong busride back from Bondi I took in the world, I wanted to find at least something funny to make the trip not a complete waste of time.

Bins - not funny
Traffic lights - not funny
Exxy Retailers selling overpriced clothes - hilarious.
Idiot who get on bus then realise its the wrong bus - slightly funny
Obsessive lady who went through her mail on the bus - funny
Homeless guy stumbling around drunk and doing what looked like he was trying to put out a non-existant fire with his shoe - i think i actually made a laughing out loud noise at this spectacle

So what does that say about me? I find people with mental problems funny. I'm burning in hell for sure. Seinfeld and I would never do a show together. For one he is all about a clean act, and mine would be 80% swearing and 20% mocking people who need help.

At least I would get to wear sneakers and jeans.


N said...

Oh Seinfeld was all about mocky the less fortunate! You're in great company!

Plus it's funny.

Gam said...

do not agree. the man is america's rove mcmanus.

Steph said...

I fucking LOVE you!!! I find you funny because every single post you write makes me snort till I'm afeared my snot will fly back in my throat and choke me.

You find exactly the same types of things funny that I do. Lets turn lezza and get wed.