Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Election.. Its all Jibberish to me

I remember the first time I voted, I had turned 18 only a few days earlier, I had no idea who to vote for (I think I voted for Pauline Hanson just to be a jerk) and scribbled all over the rest cos I didn't know what I was doing.

These days nothing has changed much:

I admit, I have the worlds smallest attention span when it comes to news about Politics, and Debates, unless there are costume changes and back-up dancers during the debate, I tend to zone out.

I watch The Chaser for the skits, not the political bashing, they seem to hate both sides equally so they are no help in making me choose the right party.

I need a booklet called Voting for Dummies, something that outlines the actual policies that these parties stand for, the ads on tv are nothing but scare campaigns telling me why I shouldnt vote for the other guy, but gives me no reason why I should vote for you.

Even though I am an idiot, I do know who I will vote for in the theological sense, the party that best represents where I stand in the demographic of australian culture, but I couldnt tell you if they actually perpetuate what I stand for and support the things I care about.

I care about Public Transport, better Hospitals, better Roads, better Schools, Human Rights, Animal Rights, Libraries, goverment funding for the Arts, more stringent control over bad hairdressers, keeping the Dollar strong against foreign currencies, Reconcilliation, Witness Protection Programs.

I think they should do more Parades. Parades and Loudspeakers, that would get my attention.. and who doesnt love a parade?


Mick said...

If Human Rights are important, you really have to look towards any party other than the Liberals.

The last 11 years should make that one easy.

As for everything else, yeah, both the big wigs look about the same, so go for someone independent or green. In the end, unless you're rich, a company, slow or stupid, vote for anyone but Liberal :)

Sarah said...

Yeah, unless you're one of the Malcolm Turnbulls of the world you're dudding yourself if you vote Lib. And seeing as you're not a religious nutbag who wants gay people to be stripped of their right to exist in any way other than for public abuse and political dogwhistling you wouldn't want to vote Family First...

The only thing to watch out for for independents is to make sure you google them or something *before* you get to the ballot box... some of them are very sensible with good ideas, and some of them are raving lunatics... ditto for some of the fairly benign-sounding parties such as the 'citizen's electoral council'... they sound harmless enough but are actually filled with total nutbags.

Original Mel said...

something that outlines the actual policies that these parties stand for

Actual policies?? You expect actual policies from politicians? I am convicned they mak it up as they go along.

I personally always back the Greens. Sure, sometimes they are annoyingly smug with their "Save the Earth" thing, but I think it's important to have a few minority parties in there to, as the Democrats allegedly used to do before back flipping on the GST, "keep the bastards honest".