Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Drool Patrol

I had my wisdom teeth taken out this morning.

In the lead up to said operation all I have heard from various sources is: its gonna hurt heaps, its gonna be really effing painful, its gonna be the worst pain you have ever felt.

I was planning on escaping the dentist chair and running down to the park and hiding and dealing with the wisdom teeth impacting on my molars for the rest of my life.

Then they gave me the gas. Praise Gas. Where are my toes? I dont know.. You know whats hilarious?? fish, Miriam the transexual... amongst many other random things.

Even the crunching of teeth being removed and yanked out is hilarious. Crunch Crunch Crunch. Hahahaha. Disgusting.

Whilst in the chair I contemplated buying them chocolates, but thats probably the worst thing you can buy a dentist... what with cavities and all.

Now I can not even feel the blood drooling down my face, and mark has to follow me around as DROOL PATROL, is this what it feels like to be a drooling degenerate? in that case, I am all for it.

Blood. Blood everywhere. Anyone need someone to be an extra in a Zombie movie or a Vampire flick.. I have so much blood right now I could give you a transfusion just from drooling on you. awesome.



surfercam said...

faaaaaark! Did you have to post a pic???!!?

M said...

I like the fact that you had the foresight to take a picture. Brill!