Friday, November 23, 2007

Can't Buy Me Love

One of my staunch belief's when it comes to Weddings is that I.Don't.Give.Money.

And when I recieve one of those hokey 'wishing well' poems with the invite, I throw them in the trash.

Why don't they come out and just say;

Rose are Red,
Violets are Blue.
Give us your Money.
Or don't bother showing up.

Erghhhhhhhhhhhh. Granted I totally understand why people ask for money, you don't need 2 Toasters, 15 lasagne dishes, 45 Platters, but if people actually know you - then they would not buy you these pedestrian gifts in the first place. I think its wrong to not even give people the option and grab for the cash immediately. And worst case scenario you did end up with 45 platters, well who doesn't want to be known as Platter Pete amongst close friends?

A wedding isn't a fundraiser. Are you pledging yourself to another person AND curing Diabetes on the side? no? well then accept the gift that I thoughtfully picked out for you. Who cares if it cost $3 from the markets, $200 from Swarofski, or if I tagged up a sandwhich bag and gave you a set of his and her North Side Bags.

I take pride in my present picking abilities, and I totally expect to recieve some dodgy gifts for my wedding, but I will still be reminded of that person when I use it. Because they went out and shopped for it and used their brain (maybe) and thought it would be an appropriate gift that we would appreciate. And for that, I am thankful.

Cash is lame. I am not afterall, Mr Krabs.


LeiSa said...

I get to pick your present... sweeeeeeet!
please note; Jamie will have NO influence in your present!

blokeman said...

Or just do a gift registry, that way you don't end up with crap you don't want

Josh said...

I so agree with you.

A close friend asked for cash at their wedding and I was appalled. They had one of those wishing well things and my GF and I spent the entire reception depositing 5 cent coins into the thing one hand full at a time.

It was years worth of loose change and probably totalled $100. It weighed a tonne.

2 years on they still have not figured it out and the wishing well still sits, full of coin, in their lounge room as a great puzzle and choking risk for their toddler.

Rach said...

Josh.. 2 Words..

Effing Brilliant