Sunday, November 04, 2007

The B List

Culling will send a person crazy, we're all culling, all the time, even if we don't know we're culling.
We're culling at the supermarket.. "Should I buy 3 chocolate bars? .. Hell No, are we millionaires? put 2 of those back."
We're culling our clothes in our wardrobe, "I havent worn that sweat stained top in 8 years." Cull it.
Culling books, not enough space on the shelf, culling makeup, do I really need 33 lipglosses?. Culling Culling Culling.

Culling people, isn't so fun, and it's done out of mediocrity.

I'll cull that person cos they didnt approve me on facebook.
I'll cull that person cos they didnt call me on my birthday.
I'll cull that person cos they made a joke about my hair.
I'l cull that person cos they'll say something offensive.
I'll cull that person because I havent spoken to them in years.
I'll cull that person cos their girlfriend has two-toned hair.

These are the bullshit excuses you need to come up with to cull people. What a crock. They're still all on the list.. Welcome to the B'List

I wonder for what reasons I have been culled.
Because I tell stupid jokes
Because I dance whenever I hear the slightest bit of music
Because I had PMS and went mental
Because I got really hammered and facedown in vomit in the Executive Bar Toilets
Because I said I'd meet up then forgot
Because I ruined the game

ahhhh the B'List... the list of people who you wanted to invite but didn't for reasons that seemed important at the time, but really don't matter in the scheme of things, because we are friends regardless.

One day we'll have a B'List party.


Adam said...

Not getting invited to the B List party makes me:

a.) A list?
b.) Lower than a slug confused and lost in poo?

Original Mel said...

I got invited to a friend's friend's wedding (as an actual invite, not a plus one) because they culled a better friend as his girlfriend once got pissed and flirted with the groom.

So I got pissed and flirted with everyone, in the hope of joining her on the B List.