Monday, October 22, 2007

Where is the Light?

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but they are phasing out the 25watt bulb.

I like soft light, who likes to pee in bright prison lighting? not me. And for some reason all my lightbulbs burst throughout the house last week. Off to the shops I go.

Where are the 25watt bulbs??? 40 is the new 25.. noone polled me about the changeover. Not only that, the bulby lightglobe is also on the way out.. Enter the realm of 'energy saving bulbs'.. yeah i'm all for saving the planet, but not sitting in constant fugly lighting everywhere I go.

Remember the days of yore walking into the lightglobe aisle, from memory there were about 15 shelves, and varieties as much as you could desire. Today I saw 2 shelves of real bulbs. Now I have these stupid fugly energy bulbs being shoved down my throat.

What government decided that looking fug under flurescent lighting is the way of the future? Which ever party is petitioning to bring back soft lighting has my vote.... and Libraries. I am all for libraries.. but not with fug lighting.


GreenStamps&Tequila said...

OMFG i totally agree with you. I hate these new energy saving bulbs that we are being forced to buy. I need all the good energy wasting light bulbs to make me even look half way presentable. i detest the fluorescent light that these stupid new bulbs give out. Makes everyone look fugly fug.

AJ said...

It took me a good 6 months to get used to the new 'whiter than white' energy saving bulbs in my place. I used to walk through the front door with my hand over my eyes... trying to dodge the pain

non-Blondie said...

because like...why bother with silly things like the kyoto protocol when you could just force everyone to use shitty lightbulbs. mine take about a minute to turn on and then 10 minutes to actually warm up and shed a little light. no autopsy lighting here, just really dull murky pond light. maybe thats just england?

Jo said...

Vote 1 the 25 Watt Non-Fug Library Party!

Plus, y'know - not Liberal.

Unc said...

Totally our house it is splender in decay...can't beat the old 25watt incandescent globe for that dingy, dusty look...

Modern fluoro's just don't cut it at "Darlsville"....cobwebs, dust, dinge all add to bleak house.

Can't stand to see all those wrinkles creeping on either..

Long live candles and 25 watt globes..

Unc...fountain of darkness..

Original Mel said...

By the time my stupid energy saving bulbs have warmed up I have found whatever it is I was looking for and turned them back off again. Hence why they save energy - you get the shits with their substandard lighting and just decide the dark is better.

Pari said...

Dying Star Rach IS RIGHT!
And Charlton Heston is WRONG!

Soylent Green is NOT people - it is crushed incandescent lightbulbs!

Those dirty sons-o- bitches can lick my crack if they think they can force me to use those pathetic bulbs that look like something growing out of a pig’s arse.

For the love of all that is Holy!
And ta hell with the puny 25 watt'ers, do ya hear me?
I am hoarding 100’s and 125’s as we speak . AND I will be screwing them into MAX 75 watt sockets.
So take that ya facist planet saving asswipes…You DAMN DIRTY APES

redcap said...

Mum and I were just looking for 25 watt bulbs a little while ago. I hate these new bloody things! What the fuck are you supposed to put in a desk lamp that doesn't burn out your fricken retinas? Or a three light thingie in your lounge? Hrrrmph to bloody eco-friendly lights. They bite.