Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday.. In the Bag

Today I had a battle of wits with the cat. Who has the upper-hand? on the one hand he is captive, on the other hand, I scope his poop out of the litter box, let him sleep on my head, and will let him keep sleeping on the comfy couch whilst I sit in the ricketty chair.

Cat - 1
Me - 0


Anonymous said...

LOL! You are so that cat's pet! I am my dog's pet too. I just think she listens to me. But who gets to do whatever she wants? Her.

redcap said...

Er, I think it's cat 3, you 0. I have no delusions that I have any say in our house. Sure, I can sinbin the cat in the laundry when he shits me at 3am, but really I still lose because the little grey bastard's woken me up in the first place. Bloody cat always wins.

Adam said...

Are you saying that the cat wears the pants? Weird.