Monday, October 08, 2007

Science Scares Me

Ever sat up till 2am watching the National Geographic channel about the universe and planets and meteors and felt totally insignificant and pointless afterwards?
We are so tiny. And its a scientific fact that eventually the sun is going to implode, become a black hole and suck the earth into oblivion.

What are we doing here then?

Surely there must be something more purposeful in the world than just going to work, keeping dental hygiene, having petty arguments with petty people over petty things. Life is so petty when you look at the grande scheme.

I think there is definitely more to life than just being a slave to money. I guess it doesnt matter if you are a Princess or a Pauper, at the end of the day our tiny little 80 year tenures on this piece of dirt are beyond insignificant. 300,000 Billion Years.. and we get 80 years.. if we're lucky.

What I want to know is what do the scientists think about all this?? are they discovering things like "the primordial soup" and black-holes and our imminent destruction and having pissy work drinks afterwards because how can you continue to exist knowing that in the end, its all so pointless.


Sarah said...

If you lived in Canberra I would totally suspect you of being the person that keeps stealing the 's' from the Red Rooster sign...

M said...

haha! I thought your were going to be all deep and shit, and then you bring it round to a fuck you post. awesome.

Anonymous said...

hehehe luv it

Peri said...

May can we have our "_" back plea_e!
We asked nicely.
Do not make u_ angry.
We find it very difficult to be cunt_ without the "_" that you nicked.

_tealing is wrong.

redcap said...

Ba ha ha! That's hilarious! I actually thought of doing exactly the same thing when I left a job a few weeks ago. Not because they were awful, but because the lift was taking so fucking long that I got bored and started looking for things to vandalise. But I thought there was a camera near the lift, so I didn't. Plus, it wasn't a nice shiny metal letter - just a manky, foamy sort of one.