Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Retarded Conversations whist booking a Wedding

Hotel: Hello!
Moi: Hi, i'd like to book a room on Feb 29th for a wedding night.
Hotel: ooh we are all booked out through February.. we have some great deals in December.
Moi: yeahh........ the wedding is in February though.
Hotel: well I can send you some information anyway
Moi: yeah, thats kinda pointless

wtf is wrong with people?


surfercam said...

Did you read about my run-in with stupidity the other day?

Pari said...

Is this a rhetorical question ...or do you really want me to tell you what is wrong with people?

Anonymous said...

wow! sounds like a smart person. He is probably making $7.25 an hour... not just $7. woo hoo

Julia said...

People are the worst.

Mex said...

this is the one i like when i go to a shoe shop...

excuse me can i try this on in a 10
sorry we only have it in a size 7

DURRRR! how is a size 7 going to help me??? fucking idiots!