Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Hernia

My Hernia (Beautiful - James Blunt - )

My Hernia's dodgy.
My Hernia's a bore.
I found it on my stomach, when I was layin on the floor.
I was feeling around my fat bits .When I felt you with my hand,
I wouldnt worry so much, if my stomach was more tanned.
My Hernia. My Hernia.My Hernia, Screw You..
You're weird and hard, in my stomach of lard,
And I don't know what to do,'Cause i'm not an old man who's 82.

Did I turn into an old man overnight?? When do I get my walking frame ? I should get a pensioner card.

Where did you come from lump? And what do you want from me? At least now its like having a constant second opinion?

"Should I wear these jeans out?"
"No, and my Hernia agrees with me"

Me and my Hernia are going to the library tomorrow.
The good thing about catching the bus with my Hernia, is it rides for free.

Is it just me or is 'Hernia' sounding like a really good name for someone.

Hernia Valdez, sexual poet.


Sez said...

Wow! Been there. And yes, I felt it was completely unfair I was 27 (at the time) not 80 0dd.

Had one hernia for a couple of years. Like you I was like, "Where'd this lump come from?? Weird."

The second was caused by a flu induced coughing fit. Not fun.

After years of living with having good days and bad days, I got 'em fixed in September.

I wrote some posts about it. Might be of some interest.

Michelle said...

If I was going to call someone Hernia, I'd pronounce it 'Hern-eye-ya'.

My friend's having a baby on Monday, perhaps I'll suggest it as an option. They haven't picked a name yet..

Steph said...

I'm worried bout ya. when you getting this hernia fucker fixed up?

Bedazzler said...

At my last job the accountant's name was Hernia Yuen.