Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Moon?? Who Needs It?

If the Terrorists are watching as much Foxtel as I do, then we are Fucked. This month is "space mystery" month on National Geographic, and they are just giving out the answers on how to end all life on earth once and for all.

Without the Moon, we are fucked. The Moon keeps our planet on a nice little angle, which tilts us nicely so we have seasons, it gives us the tide, and according to the british voice-over guy, we owe our existance (from the Primordial Soup again) to the Moon.

So why don't the terrorists just put a shitload of nuclear bombs in the moon and blow it up? Without the Moon, our gravity would be all fucked up, and rather than spinning nicely on a tilted axis, we would be spinning and swinging all over the place. Not Fun. Living on a rollercoaster would be the worst. Oh don't mind me spewing my guts up for the rest of my life.

Someone better be patrolling the Moon. If I wake up and the Moon is gone, then I will NOT BE HAPPY.


Pari said...

Fucking Moon, always causing trouble. Ahhh...the Sun, NOW the Sun is where it's at, all the rage...
dontcha know?

The Moon is out like yesterday's newspaper: "oh oh oh!" .. a few tide pulls, gravity, and the farmer's almanac cult...
Bugger me! The Moon is such an utter cunt.

...the Sun IS the new Moon.

Get with it people!! ...fuck right off, Moon.
The Sun and perhaps Jupiter & Saturn ROCK! Moon is shite, and by the way, Mars ain't so great either.
And while you are at it, the whole Milky fucking Way could use a makeover.

Rach said...

best comment ever.

Bedazzler said...

I'm not sure I needed to see Perez Hilton's moon. 'Nuff said.