Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Let's pause for a second and talk about Laziness.
Everyone's got there own threshold for Laziness. Mine is probably higher than most. When I'm busy, i'm busy - I get up early, I go to work, I go to the gym in my lunchbreak, I go to the supermarket on they way home, i do the laundry, i water the plants, i clean the bathroom, I go to bed at 10pm. But when i'm lazy, i'm laaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy.

Everyone's got their own personal bodyclocks, some people are early risers, some people are night owls.. I'm living on freaking Puerto Rico time. When i'm not doing shit, i'm up at Noon, in bed at 4am. Lunchtime is breakfast, Dinner is lunch. It's fun living with me.

"whats for dinner?"
"yoghurt and ham sandwich"
"you cant make dinner?"
"what you expect from me? I only woke up 6 hours ago"

You got to be living with people who are on your same level of laziness. When you got nothing to do, doing nothing becomes the main focus.

Monday: exfoliate
Tuesday: clean bathroom floor
Wednesday: move the laundry basket nearer to the washing machine.
Thats It. Nothing Else. Sometimes you even move your one task of the day in lieu of laying around and watching episodes of Friends.. yeah i've seen em 20 million times, but cleaning that floor is effort, and I am shit out of effort.
You make 'lazy plans'.. tomorrow i'm gonna go outside. 'Lazy Goals'..next week, i'm gonna watch Gladiator. Massive.

Lazy Clothes.. man, I have been in these clothes for the past 4 days.. who needs clothes when you're being lazy? Who am I impressing? The Cat?

Even getting up seems pointless. What's my big plan today? pick out the dead-leaves from the potplants? I did that shit yesterday? I need some new shit to do. When you're living on a different time zone, you're living the life of a vampire.. oooh 1am! time to get frisky!! wonder why the DVD player isn't working? let us investigate...... 40 mins later.. Stupid broken piece of shit.


Original Mel said...

As a recently unemployed bum, my big lazy task each day is walk the 3 minutes to the nearest internet cafe to surf Facebook for 2 hours.

And some days I can't even be bothered doing that.

Anonymous said...

I'm wishing praying and dreaming of lazy time. I want some right now but the feeling of horrible guilt that I should be doing something productive overwhelms me into doing something.

Even this feels slightly productive as I feel like I've been away forever.

Anonymous said...

Puerto Rico time.... so funny.
you make me cry with laughter some times.


Jo said...

I was going to leave a comment, but I can't be arsed.

Bedazzler said...

Since I left my job, I'm amazingly preocupied.