Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Its over.... Laptop

What can I say ricketty old laptop? you suck.
The time has come for me to get a new and improved you. You knew this day would come.. everyones always cracking jokes about trading their loved ones in for a faster, hotter, quicker, smarter version.. well iBook, the time has come for you to "sleep with the fishes".

I'm not sure what use fish or octupus have for a shit, broken, water infested laptop, but they can have it .. barnacles and all.

You were pretty cool at first, small, blue, just like the one out of Legally Blonde, but now you are annoying and slow.. you are so fucked up that you make me want to actually write things on PAPER.. yep. I would rather go back in the technological revolution than use you, you loud annoying piece of shit one second longer.

Sorry Bluey. Don't hate me. We always knew it would come to this.. You dont even have an 'airport' connection..Ethernet is out.. its all about wireless.

I take the sound of your incessant whiring to mean that you have made peace with the situation.

Adios... Hellllooooo new lap "blacky"

ALSO.. anyone with access to 3D World Magazine, should check out page 12 this week. EVERY thing on there is from this blog. Put my New Words on your fridge.. or line your kitty litter tray with it.. evs.

I'm gonna wrap my laptop in it before I throw it into the drink.. Glug Glug Glug

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non-Blondie said...

come to the dark's fast and purdy