Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stop Advertising on My Apple

Ok this is ridiculous
This is going beyond the call of normal advertising.

Spiderman 3 coming soon to DVD. On my apple!! This is just wrong.

Who comes up with this shit? Whose brilliant idea was it to infiltrate the food market with advertisting?? I'm not saying its not sort of ingenius, its just wrong. There is enough mass-media advertising as it is, and this sticker offends me.

In other news, I keep smelling cat-piss everywhere I go, whats up with that? Perhaps I have a phantom cat who follows me around and pee's near me everywhere I go. Strange.


surfercam said...

That is pretty clever, but a bit full on.

Sarah said...

I'm with you- apples are meant to be wholesome, and advertising is never wholesome!

Sez said...

Regarding the cat piss smell. It's not just you. I do too.

Maybe it's the season...

Chris Merriman said...

This isn't meant nastily at all, but is it possible your cat pissed on an item of your clothing?
Or maybe they just shake a few drops up your nostril whilst you are sleeping?