Monday, September 24, 2007

Sex and the City Film. I protest

Aghhh is it really necessary to make a stupid Sex and the City movie!!!
Does anyone really care what happens to Big and Carrie? they are both jerks.

What's wrong with leaving things to the imagination?? So unnecessary. Imaginaton endings keep the story alive. I dont need everything spelled out for me.

Plus how interesting will this story be? the season ended on a good note. The chemistry between Big and Carrie only works when they are being assholes to each other. If they try to marry her off I will seriously throw a rock through the screen. We all know Carrie isn't the marrying type, otherwise she would have married Aidan. He was hot and could buff her wood floors. All Big can do is write cheques and drive around in a limo wearing a shit-eating grin.

Miranda?? she got sprogged up and moved to the burbs with Steve and his Maaaaa.. Where is the excitement there? There is no "city" anymore. Its not called Sex-Sometime-With-Steve-And-Kmart Supercentre.

Charlotte - she got hitched, adopted an asian baby? now what? gets pregnant for reals. how exicting. Sex-and-Morning sickness. Awesome. Also don't think you can just haze over her adopted asian baby. None of us are forgetting this happened.

Samantha - stopped being a slut and allowed herself to get over her ridiculous issues and be with Smith. Who is hot and into all that kinky shit she loves, so they are perfect together. Plus I dont think after going thru a cancer scare together would be a predecessor to becoming a huge slut again.

The only way this movie will work is if the following happens:

Carrie gets pregnant with Big's child and he freaks out and locks her in a dungeon, there are unfortunately roosters from the vet on the roof of her dungeon that lead to hilarities. She dies in there.

Miranda gets a sex change. Steve doesn't notice.

Charlotte gets put in prison for trying to steal babies out of the wombs of friends she has met thru her selfmade company for pregnant mothers with no homes "ROOMS FOR WOMBS"

Samantha gets AIDS finally.


Sarah said...

Oh my god, is that person for real?

I've always hated SATC, it sucks arse, but I would totally watch if you were writing the script, Rach!

redcap said...

Bletchk. I got bored with the last two seasons of Sex and the City. Why would I watch a film of post-boredom boring?

Julia said...

Haha! Esp. about Miranda.

They're milking it. Geez I'd be making it if I could - just think how many SATC addicts are out there who will be dying to see this, and buy the SATC-branded candy bar meal deals.

Anonymous said...

Okay, for the first person who posted the comment, you are clearly, ungrounded, uncultured, and by your limited to no editing or english courses, you could NEVER write the next a Sex and the City Script!
By the way, this goes to the rest of you who chose to follow suit!!