Thursday, September 27, 2007

The one where my brain died

Job Interviews are stressful enough. The last thing you need is to be seated in front of a panel, and have to come up with intelligent witty answers about boring subjects like 'budgets' and 'how you deal with difficult people'... Alas I do not expect a phone call from the company I interviewed with earlier this week, namely because my brain did a total vacation on me, and left behind a hamster in a wheel. only the hamster was retarded, and the wheel was going backwards.

I walked out of there thinking "did I actually say that??"

The closest thing I can compare it to is that footage that was on youtube of that Miss America girl going on about 'Iraq' and 'Helping Africa' when the question she was asked was about Maps in public schools.

The job in question was working for a Musical Theatre Production Company, so I should have really gone in wearing a cape, mask, smoke machine and laser beams.. then they would have at least been distracted by my image and not focussing on my retarded answers to simple questions.

"So do you have people skills"
"yeah i like people, and skills, like talking, and yeah people are great, not every person is great. some people are mean, I dont like those people. I like emails, the internet...... going to lunch, talking to people.. so yes, I would have to say that I definitely have people skills"

wtf??? did I take acid first thing in the morning and not realise.

God I hate my brain.


surfercam said...

Did they ask you "What are you're 3 weaknesses?"
That's always a sticky one...
I'd love to say :
1. Long boozy lunches.
2. Turning up late and hungover
3. Shagging co-workers.

Sarah said...

The 'shagging co-workers' answer could unexpectedly turn out in your favour if the interviewer thinks you're a bit of alright...

AJ said...

at least you would have given them a laugh after you left

Steph said...

I have lazy brain days all the time. It's all I can do to muster a "huh?" and wipe the drool from my chin when asked a question that I didn't listen to.