Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No Shoes!! Ahh we have ways of Punishing You...

In the building I work, there is a Fitness First, and because I am too lazy to go after work, I try to sneak in a workout in my lunchtime. This means that I have all manners of gym-stuff around my desk, socks, deoderant, undies, sneakers. There is an 'secret door' as I call it - which connects Fitness First to my office, so on the occasion I have forgotten something I would open the escape door and get my stuff - rather than walking alllll the way outside to get basically 2 meters from my desk.

Then they set an alarm on my secret door - WEEEE OOOOO WEEEE OOOO... Telling them that I felt the urge to break out of their secret door cos I forgot hairclips didnt go down well with security, so I had to promise not to use the secret door anymore.

Today, I got into the changeroom, and realised after getting ready that I had forgotten my sneakers.. ahhhh I could have my sneakers within 30 seconds if I was allowed thru my secret door, but alas I didnt want to get narked at again... So I figured I would just work out in my socks.

Silly me thought I was the clever one, pulling the wool over Fitness First' eyes, and working out in my socks, where I should be wearing shoes..

Well.... what I didnt know is that the design of those stupid eliptical machines is to totally break your feet if you try to use them without shoes.

The fat on my feet was squished thru the holes, so that every move I makes now sends arrows of pain to the balls of my feet. I think I have bruised soles.. if that is possible.

Screw you holes!!! Next time I am going thru the secret door. I dont care of the repercussions, unless the repercussions is to force me to work out without shoes on your torture device.

Cant wait to limp home. Not.


AJ said...

Ouch! My feet get sore on the elipticals even with shoes ON

Captain Smack said...

I think everyone should have a secret door. I have five of them, myself.

Actually, I have six secret doors, but two of them lead to the same place, so I count them, as one.

Lad Litter said...

Having a secret door is fabulous. Having secret door acces denied is cruel and unusual punishment. Could we come up with a sneaky scheme to get around security's piffling concerns?

Sez said...

How dare they remove your secret door! I am outraged! I think ALL gyms should have secret doors for people who work in close proximately.