Thursday, September 06, 2007

Foreskin Rules!

I love foreskin. I am really sick of living in a world where people view the foreskin as "repugnant" "repulsive" and "dirty"... newsflash nerdos - if you wash your dick its clean.. having no foreskin doesnt mean you are any cleaner - you are probably dirtier cos you think you are too good to wash your willy.

I mean - how does this not make you happy:

Thats got personality. Looks like its about to break into a song in Daniel Johns Falsetto "Ooooh Ooooh Walking in a Straight Line".

I call that part 'the sock' and it's sick and wrong that there is 'sock' prejudice in the world, what about that idiotic episode of Sex and the City when Charlotte makes a grown man get circumsised before she would sleep with him.. pffft if that was me, I would have rubbed my extra skin in her face before leaving and pooing in her hallway.

Foreskin is great because it you dont get lint stuck to your dick, its like a little purse that you can fit up to two Jaffa's in. I wish I had one.

I have had this conversation with my girlfriends about whether they would allow their kids to remain with their socks, and some have said they would cut them off (owch) so they dont get teased at school ??? who is looking that closely in the schoolyard? Will you be left off the invite list to all the birthday parties if you have a little extra skin happening down there? What names would you call someone with their sock? I would just retort saying that "when you finally get laid I wont be the one buying ribbed condoms cos my package comes with its own pleasure ridges"

SOCKS ROCK!! I will never defile my future sons by hacking off important parts of their bodies.


Sarah said...

I'm not so familiar with 'socks' (I'm not saying they don't look like fun...), but I did once see video footage of a circumcision, and I'm with you- never doing that to any kid of mine!

Anonymous said...

1. I always thought you were a girl but when I first saw this I thought - OMG it's his!

Yeah I'm a freak.

2. I was not expecting to see a naked man's shnare ... wow ... after all this time you can still keep it interesting.

Anonymous said...

LOL. That is the first I have ever seen one. I actually didn't know what it was.

I am way too naive and inexperience to be alive I think...

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. Foreskins rule!

I actually get disappointed if a new boy doesn't have one. They add a certain something which is a source of great pleasure, to the ride.

My girlfriends also think I'm nuts, but they don't understand.

Michelle said...

Hubby has a sock and I would never take it upon myself to start snipping bits of my kids bodies off willy-nilly ('scuse the pun).

Seriously, whose crackpot idea was it to cut up a perfectly good penis? If it gets infected all the time when they're older and causes an issue, snip it then when they're old enough to have a say. People reckon you should do it when they're babies because it supposedly hurts less. DOES IT? OR are they just not yet old enough to scream "WHAT THE FUCK... Mum!! That fucking hurts!!! Get that doc away from my cock!"

Anonymous said...

The Daniel Johns Falsetto part was pure gold. Laughed for about 5 minutes straight!


redcap said...

Hang on, was there a picture and I missed it? Bugger. Re socks, I don't really mind. However they come (boom boom) is fine by me.

AJ said...

yep i totally agree with you - socks rule (and generally make better lovers has been my experience). Though that pic is rather a bad example!?!

Bedazzler said...

Foreskins are like, Labia for dudes. Why should we be denied?

Sez said...

I hear you! Leave 'em as God(dess) intended them. What's going to protect that very sensitive turtle head if you cut away the turtleneck?

Plus they make handjobs soooo much easier!

Mick said...

Bloody oath!! I do NOT understand why a mother would want to CUT something off their son. There is just no good reason for it.

And then you get fathers who just want to do it because they had it done. That is a shit reason too.

In this case, DON'T knock your socks off!