Monday, September 17, 2007


Even though, the term 'chillaxed' is top of the wank factor. I have to say that I am the definitive representation of it right now.

This weekend I went on a little trip down south to a friends beach-house for some relaxation and R&R. Everyone should have access to a beach-house. Fact.

If you like: napping, reading garfield comics, jumping off rocks, reminsicing about 80's tv shows, babysitters club books, cooking sausages in woks, playing the 'make up new words' scrabble game, lemmeno. If you have a beach-house. Lets be friends.

New Words Beachhouse Trip September 07:

Darrow: Dangerously Narrow
Nyianfa: the inner noise you make rummaging thru your bag looking for your wallet when its not there.
Pealax: busting to pee, then nothing comes out
Tannvies: one sided wedgy
Sawndo: pooing in the sand
Geisluj: anal leakage after a big Mardi Gras night
Carzinego: when you are in a coma, but can hear everything
Farknoyn: friends who don't show up at the beach-house. Biznitches.
Froxi: a guy who looks hot in a dress
Scezgo: westie dyslexic speak for "lets go"
Unanie: really hot boiling pee
Aiunanie: doing a boiling hot pee in the shower
Eeeex: 'there's a bee on my leg, I am mildly worried'
Mangity: short men with over-accentuated egos
Nudepass: When you get naked in front of your friends for the first time
Tijaber: tired mumbling nonsensical crap
hurlmir: vomitty burps.

Everyone should do a Sawndo. Scezgo!!!!!!!!!!

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redcap said...

No no no no no no no no! Them's just wrong man! Take a teeny little leaf out of (hallelujah! hallelujah!) the book of Douglas Adams if you need to invent new wordage. Find The Deeper Meaning of Liff. For example, "Ravenna: The crack in a workman's bottom that peeks over his trousers when he bends down." Ja? Is good? :D ~nods furiously~