Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Birthday Affinity

Seems to me like a lot of people are celebrating birthdays at the moment, July and August is where it’s AT! Although the downside to living in the southern hemisphere for birthday celebrations is that its always in the dead of winter and no one is in a party mood, winter is more 'tracksuit mood'.. Tracksuit party anyone??

What I love about birthdays is when people mention the famous people they share their birthday with, like they have some sort of special bond, for instance: I share my birthday with:
Tom Hanks - (who only ever plays Tom Hanks on an Island, Tom Hanks with AIDS, Tom Hanks in a spaceship) I really don’t feel like we have much in common aside from the fact we are both tall with dark hair.
Fred Savage - maybe our penchant for inner-outer monologues is our defining characteristic.
Courtney Love - I try not to think too much about our similarities, who wants to be a drug addict murder suspect? She made good music though, and so do The Stroggles so we have some affinity there.

I wonder if you went up to a famous person and told them that you shared birthdays if they would really care. "Oh Madonna, we have the same birthday!" "We do?? Well come into my mansion! I’ll get David Banda to fix us some drinks".

It’s like sharing a birthday with a good celebrity makes you somehow cooler yourself. If only I shared a birthday with Rodney Dangerfield, cos he is the coolest!

Although one person you wouldn’t want to share a birthday with, any of the noxious overlords of the 20th century perhaps? “What are you doing inviting John to the party!!? He shares his birthday with Hitler” No one wants to party with Hitler.


byron said...

You missed one... sometimes Tom Hanks plays vague-foreigner-in-an-airport.

mindlessmunkey said...

I share my birthday with notorious mass murderer Martin Bryant.

So, can I come to your party?

Rach said...

ok, but no massacres... or cake first.. then massacres.

Anonymous said...

David banda fixing funny
I share a birthday with Joni Mitchell - that is cool!

River said...

I share my birthday with Madonna, but I'm positive she doesn't care, or even know. It's also the anniversary of the death of Elvis.

ladypenelope said...

I share my birthday with Hitler... And Napoleon. And the Columbine massacre happened on, yep you got it, my birthday.

Man, I am so never being invited to any parties again ever.