Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wednesday Wrongness

Agh, its just not happening for me today - for one - the stupid Title panel in Blogger isn't working. Fix that shit up.

How could one know that getting out of bed was just a bad idea, before they've stepped into the world and wanted to crawl under a rock.

First of all - I have the worlds crappest hair. Its too clean, I blow-dried it and went to bed and must have slept funny because it is unruly, and poking up at all wrongness angles. Awful. So I tried to tie it back, but look more shit than before... Crap.

Secondly - I must look like shit.. otherwise why would someone say "so, no makeup today??" wtf? ofcourse I have makeup, clearly my bags and frown and hairy eyebrows have burst forth from their lair and are attacking my face. I look like shit.

Third - woke up with a sore throat. Fuck. Screw you Germs.

Finally, I just didnt pick a great outfit today, I wanted to go for warm and cosy, but couldnt bring myself to wear a tracksuit to work just yet - wish I had.. stupid boots, stupid stockings, stupid top with holes in it.. I really think its the holes that are bringing me down.. I dont think Anne Hathaway goes to work with holes in her clothes. Holey clothes are just a small step away from eating out of the garbage and scabbing "ciggies" off strangers in the street (and I don't even smoke)



Anonymous said...

How I feel,exactly. Except for the hair.

Fuck Wednesday.

redcap said...

I hate those days. Especially when I realise something I'm wearing has a moth-chewed hole in it and/or the hem has come down. Hate that crap.

Kelly said...

I am wearing 'man pants' today. They aren't really man pants, but I feel huge, manly, and ugly in them. I feel like I should be a skater chick or something...

And the hair... well... I have thick shoulder length hair and it is humid. I didn't have time to blow dry all of it, because I slept in... so ... just picture that greatness! :-P I want to go home and crawl under the covers with my man pants and bad hair.

oh... and also broke out... my face sucks.