Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Silverchair Overload

So, This year for my birthday I was wishin, and hopin, and dreamin, and wishin for some General Admission tix to see Silverchair on their Across the Divide Tour.. I missed out on the Presales because I am not a fan of Powderfinger At. All. and they are playing at Acer Arena in Sydney which is Stinktown.. and in my opinion - there is no point going to a concert if you dont have general admission tix to stand around and rock out with.. Seating is lame. So I procrastinated till it was too late.. Tickets went on sale and I was like "fuck it, i'm goin" but for all my angst and effort all that was left was Ants View seats at the back.. NOT HAPPY!! But seen as how they were the only ones left, I got them (well my dad brought them for me, for my birthday present - one for me - one for Mark)

A few hours later I go online to check the actual date of the concert and Lo and Behold a SECOND NIGHT has gone on sale and YES!! there are General Admission tix on sale.. So I snag myself 2 of those (as you always need someone to rock out with).. so now I have FOUR silverchair tickets.

What to do, What to do.

Do I go twice?? That seems a bit crazy..

Plan A) Go to the first concert in our Ants View seats with a pair of Binoculars, a grandma blanket, and get really stoned and write notes about the songs we plan to rock out to the next night.. and throw peanuts at Powderfinger.

Or Plan B)

2 tickets for Silverchair for SALE!!!!
Would suit someone with excellent hearing and bad eyesight..
Tickets come with a) coffee machine, and lolly grabbing machine, some size 12 girls clothing, and a toaster and heater that are probably broken, and a ... hug..... from me.. tickets are reasonably priced (retail for $105) selling for $80 each.



Leis said...

If I didn't already have a ticket...Jillian wants to go, but, I think it will be too loud for an 8 year old (is that mean?)...
how about I post this on the silverchair forum? maybe, just maybe someone will want to help you out... ur tix r a rad price...
enjoy the show - hopefully I can make the Sunday and we can rock out with your cock out - like old times! (without the Byron Bay mud and Bryony crowed surfing over our heads...!!)

Neily said...

If natalie Ambrhrdla was going to be on stage (for her looks, not singing) id buy them myself and fly back to your fair land and look at her thru my 1000x bi-focals