Friday, July 20, 2007

Pet Peeve #1

My BIGGEST Pet Peeve is children answering phones. Children should not be answering phones.

It is NOT cute.
It is NOT fun when you need to speak to someone in a hurry and some child answers the phone and proceeds to wander around the house with the cordless phone pointing out all the things that it likes and slobbering all over the mouthpiece.

I dont want to have to beg and bribe your child to put you on the phone.

People with voice-mail messages that is left by a child or the sounds of gurgling should be shot.
Nooone thinks your child is a vocal prodigy just because it can glurbal incoherantly which you as a parent think is incredibly heartwarming...this is not heartwarming, this is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

This is a business. If you want your kids to get used to answering phones get a fake one. Or just walk past and go BRIIIIINNGGG to see what it would say...

I cannot handle one more phone call where some child thinks I am its mother, then bursts into tears when it realises i'm not. I cant handle telling a kid that I really dont care about powerrangers, and Hi5, but I really just want to talk to a GROWN UP!!! aghhhhh

Kids in Cages = Good
Kids on Phones = Bad


Julia said...

Le oui.

George said...

How about when a baby is born and their answering machine is ... Hi you've reached Bob and Sue and Tim ... Tim is 4 fucking days old

Anonymous said...

If I could agree any more I would. But I can't. Just like that mole on the back of your thigh - it's only interesting and amusing to YOU!

Marcheline said...

Excuse me, but the mole on the back of someone's thigh cannot be amusing to them, since they can't see it unless they are part giraffe.

A mole on the back of the thigh is to be enjoyed exclusively by the fuckER, assuming the fuckEE is the person with the mole.

'Nuff said.