Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Not On My Watch...

If I was running the shop, there is no way in hell I would stand for any of the following:

Death of Sunday Night Movie.
What the *$%! is up with the idiot tv execs who axed the Sunday Night movie?? Nothing says family togetherness like everyone getting together at the end of a week and watching the Sunday Night Movie together.. *especially if there was a 6.30pm Disney Special on.. ? how are families coping? oh yeah, noone speaks to each other anymore "playstation nyaahhh" Furthermore, it was something to look forward to at the end of the week before the horrors of Mondayitis.. the Sunday Night Movie Premier, honestly, how else are you supposed to watch crappy movies like "Double Jeopardy" NOT ON MY WATCH!!

PRE-PAY end of civilisation.
If I didnt have a job you know how many conversation's i'd have in a day.. NONE!! cos noone speaks to each other anymore, we're all running around with our headphones in, on our mobiles on the bus, in queues - now you dont even have to talk to the busdriver!! Poor Busman!! Pre-Pay will be the death of conversation and banter amongst strangers.. Lest the children of the future grow up without the ability to talk to strangers.. NOT ON MY WATCH!!!

Cunts who drive past and splash you.
Jerks.. What is the point of driving past some disgusting gutter puddle and splashing me?? ruining my Sportsgirl Shopping high?? If I ever see you, you better run!! Did you just do it to be a big man in front of your moronic friends?? or just to ruin someone elses day (and Dry-Clean only jacket) NOT ON MY WATCH!

People who dont cut off the Cashmere Tag
You know who you are.. yeah that 100% cashmere tag that comes stuck to the outside of your sleeve/scarf, that comes off stupid!! you're not supposed to wear it around with pride "ooooh cashmere.. dont forget the woolwash"... Idiots..

And that is NOT ON MY WATCH.

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hawkeye23 said...

What is with those douchebags who leave that taggy thing on their coats? No, people, it is not the height of fashion, it isn't supposed to stay there. REMOVE IT! Or I will!