Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Ok, I OFFICIALLY just made this joke up.. no kidding.. I really need to get this copyrighted right this second considering my Dinosaur joke of the 90's took off in such great fashion:

The Dinosaur Joke of the 90's I MADE UP:
Q - what do you call a prison rape-victim dinosaur?
A - a Manigotasaurus (man i got a sore ass. get it! get it!)

I heard this one doing the rounds! I get no regard.

The Joke I MADE UP just then:
Q - why did the agent fire his vaccum, which was working as his assistant?
A - because it sucked.

HAHAHAHA I kill me.
Just think how much fun it would be hanging out with me all time, obliging my shitty jokes, and being a 'witness' to when I come up with untold hilarities.

If you think it'd be fun, then bid on my Silverchair Ticket Auction and we can hang out. Its on Ebay.. Please buy them. I really really dont want to go...Twice.


Marcheline said...

The joke I made up goes like this:

What did the starving man's large intestine say to the small intestine?

We'll have to make doo with what we have!


Unc said...

What about my little ditti of many years ago...

"Little boy blows with his horn
Little boy Blue..all over his shoe..

Oh ! I am pathetic...

Unc...he of pathetic Ha ha's

Anonymous said...

Wow, from long lost sister (lip gloss post) to "I really don't know her officer, I swear she just turned up here" all in 2 minutes.

Nah, great joke. If you were right there and told it I'd laugh (only out of politeness though).