Monday, July 09, 2007

Live Earth.. What's Up??

Question: WHERE is all the money going? They went on and on about 'raising awareness' but what about the money?? WRONGNESS!!!

I taped the whole show and this is what I thought:

SYDNEY - dumb. No surprises there, I didnt expect it to be good with such a HACK line-up, oh and can Missy Friggen Higgens get off the stage for 10 seconds??!!! You arent IN Crowded House you RING-IN! And way to have a blackout, stupid Sydney.. *not to mention the furore about the alcohol by the punters* That is such an Australian thing to do though, turn up to a gig you have travelled to and paid for and then leave because the grog line is too long, I am surprised the ANZACS stuck around in Gallipoli, "I didnt travel all this way to Turkey to sit in a fucking ditch.. I'm outta here". NO BEER. NO FEAR.

TOKYO - They love their metal over there, Linkin Park rocked, and Rhianna was fucking FAT.. F-A-T Fat.. what the heck was that outfit?? some pregnant westie catsuit?? Did she not look in a mirror?? No wonder the crowd was so subdued, she looked like she ate a midget then pooed it out into her pants and danced around with it in there the whole show.

SHANGHAI - i'm not sure when techno and opera merged to form some socially acceptable form of modern music, but the Shanghaians really kicked its ass.

HAMBURG - Ok since when does Shakira play guitar?? I wasnt sure what I was watching, but it was a cross between some spanish porn film and a rock show. Stop playing the guitar and show us your abs. Its what the people paid to see. Is Hamburg the only country letting Snoop in now?? Poor S N double O P, the D O double G Y, The D O Double G. Noone was getting into it, but he looked cool in his custom made Burberry Tracksuit and Bling Microphone, plus they had to bleep out his swearing so the songs sounded really bad. A Snoop show without "niggers, bitches, Ho's, and throw your motherfucking hands in the air" Just isnt a Snoop show.

LONDON - KILLED IT!!! My God.. The line-up was fan-fucking-tastic. Stand Outs: Metallica, SPINAL TAP!! *with Jennifer Saunders as the slutty Groupie* Pussycat Dolls (surprising) and Madonna (dur), Foo Fighters (i got up and danced around my loungeroom to My Hero) I hate Everyone who was there, as that show is the best show that anyone could have put together.

NEW YORK - Kanye was great, Jon Bon Jovi *anchovi* was really good.. surprsing for an old geezer, as was Roger Waters ( i thought he was dead??)

Overall - the concerts were amazing, but as Queen Madge said "don't let this just be about entertainment"... honestly though, if you wanted to make an impact about the Environment how about playing an Acoustic set in the dark??

I will try my hardest to turn off lights when i'm not in the room, I catch Public Transport, I'll be a good little recylcer, but other than that?? what more can I do??



UNC said...

What else can you do....very obvious....consume ...consume..consume....

"Climate change is at least 15 years away, who cares....where's my beer" Homer Simpson.

Unc fountain of truth

Anonymous said...

It was very good, I am suprise dI cried but I was drunk and it was a very long day. Defo going to to next one.
Happy birthday for today/yesterday!

Lad Litter said...

Roger Waters is not dead, just comfortably numb. Syd Barrett, another of Pink Floyd's founding members, died in the last year or so. The London line-up was definitely the best. Saw Crowded House on Rove and they were very sub-par. Hope it was just a bad night for a great group.