Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happee Birthday To Me.....

Very Merry Un-Birthday To Me? To You.
Very Merry Merry Un-Birthday, to who?? To you.

Very Merry Un-Birthday
To Meeeee

Ok so its not "technically" my birthday, but I really wanted to party on the 30th June for many reasons.. a) my birthday is on July 9th, that's a monday, noone parties on a monday. b) We can also celebrate end of financial year and burn our group certificates, c) it was a BLUE MOON.

As the saying goes "once in a blue moon" well last night it actually happened (which means 2 full moons in one month, very rare, only happens once every 14 years) and when there is a full moon everyone gets a little crazy, imagine the levels of insanity when there are 2 of them.

So I blame the moon and not the copius amounts of champagne that I inhaled like oxygen for the insanity that followed.

(Yes that is a CHUX wipe around my neck. I make Chux look good)

Festivities were set in 'The Argyle' in The Rocks, some totally 'so hot right now' bar that I didnt even know existed until 10 days ago... how is this possible?? this place has everything you could ask for: Cobblestones (for blaming when you fall over) Woodbeams, Daybeds, Chandeliers, and a DJ in a see-thru booth perched over the dancefloor... how did the 3 million other people there know it existed?? Perplexing.

One thing about the place is the toilets, they are uni-sex, the men have mork n mindy urinal-pods to pee in (although no matter how hard you try you cant see any doodles) and mens and ladies toilets, and if a man is standing in the toilet line, you totally know they are either doing a big poo, or have a small dick and stagefright issues. Its a lose-lose situation for men really.

It is a shitfight to score a bed to lounge on and look cool, and seen as how it was my party I felt the need to "baggsed" one and fend off any Ho's who would try to sit down, that was until a tidal wave of beer drenched me, enter the era of SEXY-CHUX-LADY... I ran around strutting my shit with a cleaning sign and cleaning surfaces with my new-look Chux Scarf... Which was all brought to a halt when the bouncer took away my sign, but the crowd boo-ed... so at least I made a small difference in getting Ho germs off all the surfaces surrounding my crew....

Dancing... Drinking.. It got to be 3am how??? So we left and went.. I dont wanna say where, but the red couches will speak for themselves:

The worst part was that no matter how many fingers I put down my throat I just couldn't bring up anything except stringey stomach bile.. Those couches are like the devil, as soon as you sit on them you get the reality check of how disgusting you are gonna feel the next morning, so why fight going home? may as well just sleep under the coats.

And what brings a person back to life when they are on the verge of becoming a zombie?? *braaaaains*.. that would be the good ol' Golden Arches.

I was just NOT coping in the wait for my burgers, I sat down and called Mark who was in the line begging him to be quicker and sent a text: "WHERE ARE THE BURGERS!??! TORTURE!!" But they were the elixer of life when they went into my overly bile-ridden stomach, and I actually made it home without passing out in the gutter.

Enter the realm of being 27... I reckon it's gonna be even better than 26. (although I did have to buy 2 types of eyecream last week)


Rosanna said...

Woot! You've moved into the advanced stages of Eye Creams. I started using them a few months ago, after I saw my aunty's eyeballs.

Trust me, if you saw them - you'd start using eye cream, too.

Anonymous said...

(1) you share the same birthday with my baby bro.

(2) the moon was beautiful last night.

(3) you're only 26? sheesh.

(4) party like a rock star!

AJ said...

happy bday!

Mex said...

aaaaaaaaaand back to the megahole! woo woo!

redcap said...

Happy birthday, missy :) Amazing how stomach-calming a burger can be, really, even if it is Macca's.