Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fuck You Spiderman...

You know the drill.... long day at work, tedius trip home on public transport and you get home to... a fucking hole in the roof.

It's a hole in my roof.. a hole in my roof giiiiiirl.

Ok, so who is out there making love to my roof with their foot?? Presumably its probably some workman who slipped and put his giant toe through the plaster... foot, giant boner.. whatevs....

However, if it's not some horny plaster-fetish plumber making love to my roof, I have come to the conclusing that it was probably Spiderman....In which, coming home to find my roof's cherry uncermoniously popped, you have to think, who is footing the bill when superheros come crashing through your wall?? "yeah thanks for getting my purse back, but was it really necessary to rip my house a new a-hole?"

It just seems unnecesarily messy to go thrashing through a city to apprehend some villian that noone besides the hero really knows about.... personally I think Superhero's are just Compulsive Destructo's.

"what the fuck did you do to my roof!!!!"
"umm sorry about that I needed to use it to.. bounce off.. so I could.. catch...Mr.... Mistachio Pistachio, the evil peanut villian"
"and my car??"
"used it as a shield against his giant peanut splaying machine"
".....ok then....."




Anonymous said...

So you come home and there is a hole in your roof? Wow and I thought I had issues.

Yeah, damn those attention seeking praise needing hero worsh wanting whores~

redcap said...

I think John Howard did it. And you can bet the bastard won't say sorry, either.

Rosanna said...

Oh my goodness me. Where did it come from?